Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Place To Lay Our Heads, For Real. Plus Air Conditioners

While we were doing all that shopping our furniture was being set up in our apartment. We returned to find our couch, comfy chair, bed and kitchen table all set up and waiting on us. We did some arranging, turned on the air conditioners and took a seat.

Somehow, we managed to lock our bedroom door and close it behind us. The bad part was we don’t actually have a key for that room. After much trying we finally had to go to the main desk and complain. They said they could get someone to fix a new lock but it would cost us - $50 yuan, about ten bucks which isn’t much but still annoying as it wasn’t our fault. Not knowing what else to do we agreed.

On our way out we ran into an old college friend of mine, Heather, and told her about the problem. She’s been in China forever so she had some words with the desk. They promised no cost and we went to wait on the lock guy.

He fixed and we’re good.


Air conditioners in China are a little peculiar. They don’t seem to have central heat and air, but each room gets its own smaller units. They are not window units, but the ones we have fit into the wall up towards the ceiling. That’s not so strange, but the weird part is to work them you have to use a remote control. This is OK too except all the menus are in Chinese. It took us fifteen minutes to figure out how to turn our bedroom unit on. We just kept pushing buttons until cool air started coming out.

We decided to stay in the motel tonight and move in tomorrow.

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