Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lots Of Updating

Obviously I've just done a lot of updating. Brian, Bethany, and Amy are all at school dealing with orientation and cleaning. It will be a very rough day for Amy as they are cramming tons of information into her skull and making her do all sorts of paperwork.

Me, I'm sitting around kind of bored. So I went to Brian and Bets to update the blog. Some of it may sound odd reading it all at once as it was written over the last week at different times.

China is proving quite difficult with the blogging. I still cannot figure out how to make my own comments. So again, if you have commented don't get mad if I don't reply to them. I simply cannot do that. I'm thinking about doing a weekly blog just to answer the comments, but I'm not sure that will work either, as I'll probably forget what the comments were.

My wordpress blog is even more difficult. It rarely lets me log in at all, and even when it does it is super slow. I had planned on getting my own webspace anyways, so I may get to that even sooner.

Anyways thanks to everyone who has read and commented thus far.

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kellieja said...

Everything sounds exciting and new. Cant wait to read up on your next dining experience