Saturday, August 18, 2007

Connected To The World

We finally have internet in our home. As we have two lap tops we went with the wireless version. Unfortunately we still need to buy a wireless card for our Dell, so it is still stuck to a wire in the extra bedroom. But that is doable until we start getting pay checks.

Actually the Dell is giving me all sort of problems beyond being connected to a cord. I meant to have it fixed before we left and just didn't. It periodically runs super, extra slow and I can't figure out why.

I've ran all the anti-spy, anti-virus stuff to no avail. I jut now tried to do a system restore, but for some reason that little bit of software won't even come up! Curses.

But yes, the Apple works swell and we're all connected. Expect more updates from now on. Also expect some cosmetic changes soon too as I know the blog looks kind of random.

China has killed my wordpress blog. I cannot log into it at all. So it shall remain unchanged until maybe next month when I hope to obtain my own webspace and url. Oh the changes one must make when one lives in China.

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