Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pictures, Focused Thoughts

I have not taken my camera out of my bag. This is shocking, I know. The truth is we have not really gone sight seeing too much so far. The one time we did go somewhere I could have taken good pictures, I didn't know we were going there and didn't take my camera. Soon I'm sure we will plan some trips to picturesque spots and surely I will take good pictures.

As for regular, daily life kind of shots, I've just been lazy. I keep thinking we'll be here for a year or so and those pictures can wait. Now that we have internet I guess I'll actually get around to taking those pictures and posting them.

As a secondary reason I'm also still trying to get a feel for things around here. Even though I am an obvious white guy and thus a tourist, I don't want to be even more blatant as the white guy with the really big camera. Most of Shanghai is pretty safe, they say, but I don't want to push my luck and have my camera stolen so soon.

No worries though, pictures will come sometime soon.


A number of people have asked about various things - food comes immediately to mind - and I have some good replies in my head. Actually I have some good posts prepared in my mind on a variety of things, but have yet to write them. So far the blog has been mostly daily life kind of things, more of a travel diary than a focused blog. With the internet connections and a more organized schedule I hope to write larger essays on various things such as the food, and the area in which we live and the school and such things.

So keep tuning in kids, there is much more excitement to come.

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