Monday, October 1, 2007

A Long (But Good) Sunday

As we don't meet with the "family" until three, we decided to go to brunch with Brian and Bethany. This particular brunch is a bit fabled around here as Brian and Bethany have talked about it on numerous occasions, but we have never actually been.

I'd give you the name of the restaurant, but I really can't remember it. It contained a lot of "s"s and "z"s and was mostly un-pronounceable. The price was 99 RMB a person, which is quite a bit expensive for brunch, but since Amy just got paid we decided to try it anyways.

It was totally worth it.

It is called a brunch but it was more like equal servings of breakfast and lunch. It was all buffet style and they had three long tables full of food and then two other separate tables with read to order waffles and soups.

There were eggs done every kind of way, fresh fruit, chicken and fish and beef all prepared in all the best ways. There were salads and pastas and soups. It all looked good and it all filled my plat oh so quickly.

The drinks were instantly refillable (something of a rarity in China) and the desserts were remarkable. There was an entire table row full of desserts actually. I had four.

With the price this is not something I'll be doing every week, but it is definitely something to look forward to in an every-now-and-again sort of way.

After brunch we met with the Family. As this is the beginning of October holiday our numbers were down a bit, but still it was a good meeting.

For supper we headed to Subway for their sandwich of the day. This was a definite let-down from brunch, but it was cheap and thus acceptable.

Subway is near a big shopping center so we bought Amy a yoga mat for her birthday. Then we went into the Pines. This is an international grocery store that we have heard about, but never gone into.

Amy was in heaven.

They had all the things you can't find anywhere else. From American cereal to French cheese, to blooming Dr. Pepper it was all there and it was a bit of paradise.

Amazingly we only left the store with a few spices and things, but now that we know where it is, I'm sure we'll be back.

We finished the night off by going to Bethanys and watching several episodes of "Heroes." I bought the DVD set a few weeks ago and we periodically make a night of it with the Bates.

All in all a very busy, but wonderful day.

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