Sunday, September 23, 2007

Locked Out, Briefly

The front door to our apartment locks automatically, and so we have to be very careful to make sure we have a key with as when we go out. I have gotten into the habit of making sure I grab my key as I prepare to leave anywhere. Typically Amy also grabs her purse, which contains her wallet, which holds her keys.

Every time Amy and I go out she asks me if I have my key. Every time she asks I say "yes."

Well, almost every time.

Tonight, Amy was doing some school work, and I laid down on the couch to watch the 40 Year Old Virgin. I'm not really sure why I decided to watch this other than it happened to be on TV Links and thus free to watch. Our selection of DVDs weren't appealing to me, and with Amy unavailable I wanted to watch something I knew she'd never agree to.

Within a few minutes of watching, Amy came in from her work asking me what I was doing. Knowing this was the end of the movie, I told her we could watch something else. She had other ideas - mainly to go on a walk.

I put on my shoes and grabbed some DVDs we needed to return to Bethany. Then we walked out of the house. No "did you grab your keys?" No answer in the affirmative. This of course means I had forgotten my keys. The one time Amy forgets to ask it the one time I forget to bring them.

As we were walking, Amy did not bring her purse and thus her keys. All of this we realized at about the bottom of the stairs to our apartment. We walked to Brian and Bethanys hoping they knew of some way to get back in.

We knocked there, but they weren't home. Luckily along with the DVDs (but no keys) I had also remembered my phone (but not the keys.) Getting a little frantic now I called Bethany, but got no answer. Or rather, I got no ring. I then tried Brian and again got nothing. Mobile service can be a little spotty so I walked a bit and started to dial again. But before I could Bethany had called me.

We discussed the matter and she said that we could talk to security who would call a guy who would change our locks and charge us 50 RMB.

Then we remembered that Bethany at one time had a key to our place. Before we moved in she had obtained one so that we could look the place over before we signed the lease. We were almost certain she had returned it, but decided to have a look anyways.

Bingo, she still had it. And we're now safe at home.

I think I'll let Bethany keep the spare key in case this happens again.


Beth said...

I've done that. In my nightie (and nothing else) while grabbing the paper tossed just halfway up the stairs. Had to call a locksmith. Ugh.

Tierrie said...

*looks around*

I rent a room in a nice two story home belonging to a nice family. When I first moved in, I got the master bedroom which is on the first floor.

I've got ONE key and I've occasionally locked myself out without my keys. When this first happened, I kind of panicked -- do I go to work late or do I call in sick? What what what?

I know! I'll break into the house. I climbed over the fence, go around to the back where my bedroom window was, and lifted the latches from the outside and climbed in.

A little bit James Bond, a little bit OJ but it worked! Locked doors will never be barriers for me again!

Two years ago, they had a kid and in the room shuffle I ended up with a room upstairs. I wisely decided that I didn't want to break into a 2nd floor room, and made sure I have my key ever since.