Thursday, January 3, 2008

Substitute This

My sister's boss is in South Africa this week. Normally the middle high school teachers substitute for each other, but since this was going to be an extended leave I got the call. I'm actually only subbing for three classes and the rest of the history department is taking the rest.

The three classes I am subbing for are incredibly easy too. One of the is government and the kids are giving presentations on the Presidential candidates. The bulk of their grade is coming from their handouts and so I'm there to keep order, listen and take a few notes. I'm actually enjoying it a great deal because I'm actually learning about the candidates. I hate to say I haven't been paying much attention to the race, but I really haven't.

The 9th grade class is watching a movie so all that takes is me setting up the DVD and keeping the kids quiet. And they are already quiet as they are good kids.

The movie is good. It is Amazing Grace which is about the slave trade in England, or rather a few men's long struggle to abolish it.

The setting up the DVD is actually difficult. The TV in the classroom is hung from the ceiling just above the big heating unit. I have to stand on a wobbly chair, turn the bulky TV and try to get the wires in the right spot. There is no place to actually put the DVD player either and so I have to move a desk for that duty.

The last class is a Photoshop class and it is incredibly easy. The kids all have an asignment and are determined to do it. I sit in my corner and read a book.

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